Aromatherapy using essential oils scented candles

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Aromatherapy is a traditional method of removing various ailments using essential oils, which are natural, concentrated extracts of plants, flowers, fruits, herbs, trees or shrubs obtained in the distillation process. Each essential oil has specific therapeutic properties that positively affect your health and well-being. Oils can be used for skin and hair care, as well as relaxing massages and in aromatherapy. Since the essential oils are very concentrated, we use them diluted - for a massage we add them to a base oil, and for a bath we add only a few drops of the essential oil.

An easy and pleasant method of aromatherapy is burning candles which fragrance comes completely from essential oils. Natural oils have a unique feature - they smell genuinely and bring to mind memories from our lives. Lavender oil will remind us of holidays in France, when we had the opportunity to see the blooming, purple fields of lavender. Orange oil smells like the halved, juicy orange we had in Spain. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are made of surrounding us plants.

Plant essences are very volatile substances and therefore their scent fill the interior very quickly, and just as fast it brings a feeling of comfort and lets you relax. In addition, scented candles that contain only pure essential oils, do not cause headaches.

Many Crystal Candles are scented with 100% essential oils. If the candle is labelled "Essential oils" it means that the whole fragrance comes from natural oils. Our fragrance compositions are based on knowledge of the benefits of individual oils in aromatherapy, which is the reason why you can choose a candle depending on your mood or expectations. Essential oils in our candles come from a trusted company valued on the market with many years of experience. It ensures that they are of the highest quality, pure without synthetic additives and solvents that could eliminate therapeutic properties.   

What are the benefits of burning Crystal Candles in addition to fragrant rooms?   

Geranium, Sweet Orange & Bergamot

Geranium is a precious oil, known by aromatherapists from all around the world. To produce 1 liter of oil, 300-400 kg of plant is needed, which is why it is often counterfeited. Real geranium oil provides self-confidence and satisfaction, develops creativity, and also affects the female hormonal balance. Orange peel oil has a relaxing effect, provides peace and optimism, relieves stress. Bergamot improves the mood, acts anti-stress, and a massage with the use of bergamot oil improves blood circulation and warms up. The power of these three oils is felt a few minutes after the candle is lit. An ideal option for meeting with your friends and work.   

Cedar & Grapefruit

Great scent for all those who practice yoga, meditation and those who reflect often. Cedar has a strong soothing effect on the mind, helps in achieving a healthy, restorative and undisturbed sleep. In contrast, grapefruit oil in aromatherapy is considered to be liberating, hence giving the spirit lightness and soothing emotional states.   

Lavender & Rosemary

Not without reason does Lavender and Rosemary fragrance oftentimes appear in many luxury SPAs. These two plants bring enormous benefits. Lavender relaxes, calms down, facilitates falling asleep and reduces stress. Rosemary has a revitalizing effect, it is a great antioxidant. If you are planning a home SPA, you should give this fragrance a try.   

Cedar, Rosemary & Patchouli

For those who enjoy wandering around in the forest, who find happiness and emotional solace while being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a fragrance that will bring the emotions experienced in the distant green forests and mountains into the comfort of your home. Cedar has a strongly soothing effect on the mind, strengthening the body and at the same time calming. Rosemary adds vitality and energy, has a refreshing effect, improves memory and clarity of mind. Patchouli strengthens the immune system and soothes inflammation.   

Orange & Grapefruit

The fragrance is recommended for those who live busy, fast lives in a modern world, who are looking for a relief and want to attain happiness. Orange peel oil has a relaxing effect, provides peace and optimism, relieves stress. Grapefruit oil has a characteristic, refreshing aroma, which in aromatherapy is considered to be liberating, and thus giving the spirit lightness, soothing emotional states. If you have a lot of negative emotions inside you, this smell will help you deal with them.


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